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We can assist your company/institution in acquiring finance for export oriented units and developement orientated projects in Africa



Our partner offers expert consulting services and innovative financing schemes including the implementation of complex financing structures for your export and project financing. In paticular small to medium-sized projects are often not a priority of the banks and larger financial institutions and require appropriate structuring to make them bankable.

Each project needs to be properly tailored for potential financers` in a process which will lead to successful conclusion of financing. Our finance consultancy partner help provide for the bankability of your project by preparing the information memorandum and the project documents in such a way as to ensure the project appeals to the potential lenders by conforming as closely as possible to their internal requirements. 

Mandatory initial documentation 
  • Letter of intent (LOI) on company letter head
  • Business plan 
  • Letter of gaurantee from local bank
  • Business plan
  • Presentation/consultancy cost
a. Exim Financing is available for made in EU / USA
b. Term finance, except for long term working capital, is available for periods up to 10 years [in select cases 15 year finance can also be made available]
Finding a common understanding between banks / finance institutions and you, the client, is of utmost importance!