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Wheel Excavator

wheel excavators

With its mobility, speed and compact design, Sinoway offers a range of extremely robust and powerful wheeled excavator with decisive application advantages. The maneuverability of the mobile excavator greatly increase the working efficiency, the compact design makes our wheeled excavator well suited, almost for every location. When it comes to operating, Sinoway wheeled excavators deliver a powerful performance meanwhile offer you a roomy comfort stress-free workplace. The maximum volume of 0.9m3 bucket ensures high productivity, and a long reach boom extends the operating radius of the excavator.

With the same key components as Sinoway crawler excavator, our wheeled excavator plays a significant role in the excavating working sites. The Sinoway wheeled excavators are characterized by a markedly positive performance VS cost ratio.


Crawler Excavator 1 Crawler Excavator 2 Crawler Excavator 3 Crawler Excavator 4
Model Engine Model Rated Power Backet Capacity Operating Weight
SWEL80 Cummins B3.3(UK) 60 kw/80 hp 0.35 m3/0.46 yd3 8200 kg/18078 lb
SWEL150 Cummins 4BT3.9(UK) 93 kw/125 hp 0.55 m3/0.72 yd3 15000 kg/33069 lb
SWEL190 Cummins 6BT5.9(UK) 108 KW/145 hp 0.8 m3/1.05 yd3 20000 kg/44092 lb
SWEL210 Cummins 6BT5.9(UK) 108 KW/145 hp 0.9 m3/1.18 yd3 21000 kg/46297 lb