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Sinoway supply a broad line of crawler bulldozers, including compact models, small and large construction bulldozers, mining dozers and swamp bulldozer. Whether your application is moving dirt from construction sites, landscaping residential areas, or even breaking limestone at a mine pit, Sinoway bulldozers will meet your needs.

With the maturest technology introduced, Sinoway offers both flat design track dozers as Komatsu and elevated track bulldozers as Caterpillar. As a supplement, Sinoway provide also wheeled bulldozer for your application which crawler dozers are not allowed. From a wide horsepower range of 80HP to 430HP, with various blade types and attachments available, the last thing now is just selecting the right bulldozer for your application.


Bulldozer 1 Bulldozer 2 Bulldozer 3 Bulldozer 4
Model Engine Model Rated Power Blade Size Operating Weight
SWD80 Luotuo LR4A3Z 60 kw/80 hp 2544*880 mm/100.1*34.6 in 8700kg/19180 lb
SWD100 Luotuo LR6A3 73.5 kw/99 hp 2935*960 mm/115.5*37.8 in 10000 kg/22046 lb
SWD120 Luotuo LR6A3Z 88.2 kw/118 hp 3135*970 mm/123.4*38.2 in 13500 kg/29762 lb
SWD140-II Shangchai SC8D160 103 kw/138 hp 3200*1130 mm/126.0*44.5 in 15500 kg/34171 lb
SWD140S Shangchai SC8D160 103 kw/138 hp 4000*1000 mm/157.5*39.3 in 17300 kg/38140 lb
SWD6G C6121(Cat Licensed) 119 kw/160 hp 3297*1170 mm/129.8*46.1 in 16500 kg/36376 lb
SWD165Y Shangchai SC11CB184G2B1 122 kw/164 hp 3416*1150 mm/134.5*45.3 in 17800 kg/39242 lb
SWD165YS Shangchai SC11CB184G2B1 122 kw/164 hp 3970*1050 mm/156.3*41.3 in 18300 kg/40345 lb
SWD220Y Cummins NT855 162 kw/217 hp 3725*1315 mm/146.7*51.8 in 25500 kg/56218 lb
SWD220YS Cummins NT855 162 kw/217 hp 4365*1230 mm/171.9*48.4 in 26300 kg/57981 lb
SWD7 Cummins NT855 162 kw/217 hp 3500*1550 mm/137.8*61.0 in 23800 kg/52470 lb
SWD7S Cummins NT855 162 kw/217 hp 4382*1350 mm/172.5*53.1 in 24500 kg/54013 lb
SWD320Y Cummins NTA855 239 kw/321 hp 4130*1590 mm/162.6*62.6 in 35900 kg/79146 lb
SWD8 Cummins NTA855 246 kw/330 hp 4172*1765 mm/164.3*69.5 in 40000 kg/88185 lb
SWGQ320A Weichai WD10G330E211 235 kw/315 hp 3390*1000 mm/133.5*39.4 in 14800 kg/32628 lb