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Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

truck mounted concrete pump

Sinoway Truck-mounted Concrete Pump is developed on the basis of drawing on advanced domestic and foreign experience and using advanced modern computer simulation techniques to systematically analyze the effect of changes in various parameters like stress, displacement and natural frequency on the boom's fatigue life. Meantime, Sinoway optimized the design of the hydraulic system, adopted the latest free fluid technique and greatly lessened the impact of pumping commutation on the distributing boom.


Truck-mounted Concrete Pump 1 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump 2 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump 3 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump 4
Model Engine Model Rated Power Distribute Height Distribute Radius
SW5281THB-37 Isuzu 6WF1A 265 kw/355 hp 37.2 m/122 ft 33.2 m/109 ft
SW5340THB-42 Isuzu 6WF1D 287 kw/385 hp 41.8 m/138 ft 38.0 m/125 ft
SW5380THB-45 Isuzu 6WF1D 287 kw/385 hp 44.7 m/148 ft 40.7 m/134 ft
SW5380THB-48 Isuzu 6WF1D 287 kw/385 hp 47.7 m/156 ft 43.7 m/143 ft