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Tower Cranes

tower cranes

Tower crane is required for most of the modern building construction projects, whatever architecture and construction style you are working with, Sinoway tower crane will be just right for saving your time and providing a great return. Sinoway tower cranes deliver outstanding value with its set up quickly, economical-yet-powerful motors and provide high lifting capacity, and with a minimal downtime.

Sinoway tower crane is a kind of profitable crane that is designed to work on your site all year round. They're well suited for heavy lifting jobsites, and Sinoway tower crane can also help you save time on other jobsite duties by easily moving materials from one area to another. Besides, we always keep safety as an essential thing for all Sinoway tower cranes.


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Model Max. Lifting Capacity Tip Lifting Capacity Working Radius Free Height
SWQTZ40 4000 kg/8818 lb 936 kg/2064 lb 45 m/148 ft 30 m/98 ft
SWQTZ63 6000 kg/13228 lb 1000 kg/2205 lb 56 m/184 ft 41 m/135 ft
SWQTZ80 8000 kg/17637 lb 1030 kg/2271 lb 60 m/197 ft 46 m/151 ft
SWQTZ125 8000 kg/17637 lb 1480 kg/3263 lb 60 m/197 ft 46.5 m/153 ft
SWQTZ160 10000 kg/22046 lb 1500 kg/3307 lb 65 m/213 ft 50 m/164 ft
SWQTZ200 12000 kg/26455 lb 1900 kg/4189 lb 70 m/230 ft 50 m/164 ft
SWQTZ315 16000 kg/35274 lb 2900 kg/6393 lb 70 m/230 ft 53 m/174 ft