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Mining Bulldozer

Mining Bulldozer
Sinoway serial mining bulldozer is applicable for earth-handling specialize in road construction, desert, oil field, farmland, electrical power building, ports building, mining and other engineering conditions. Sinoway SWD9 bulldozer is elevated sprocket track type bulldozer with semi-rigid suspended, torque divider& power shift and hydraulic controlled. It boasts efficient torque divider; single lever operated planetary gear shift transmission and pilot boosted implement control system. The elevated sprocket and modular design promote the power system life and convenience to maintenance and repair.


Sinoway SWD410Y is developed based on the design and technology from Komatsu D355A-3 bulldozer. The processing, installation and debugging of the bulldozer SWD410Y are performed in strict in technical standard of Komatsu laboratory.


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Model Engine Model Rated Power Blade Size Operating Weight
SWD410Y Cummins KTA19 306 kw/410 hp 4314 * 1841 mm/169.8 * 72.5 in 49500 kg/109128 lb
SWD9 Cummins KTA19 316 kw/424 hp 4314 * 1934 mm/169.8 * 76.1 in 44600 kg/98326 lb